Brett Wilder CFP®, Entrepreneur and Author

My “Early” Years As An Entrepreneur

I’m sharing the story of my entrepreneurial journey with you starting from my earliest years because I believe that entrepreneurship must be born within someone as part of his or her genetic DNA. Only then can they be bred to achieve entrepreneurial success. Accordingly, not everyone is destined or capable of becoming a business owner. […]

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Five Emotional Questions Every Family Business Owner Must Answer

  Can you honestly answer these questions? As a family business owner and advisor, I’ve had to address for myself and other business owners tough emotionally charged questions. Here are five questions that every family business owner must honestly answer during the Plunder Transitional Stage and beyond. How long can I, or do I want to continue […]

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What I like most about being a family business advisor

I have a passion for serving as a family business advisor. What I really like most are the dynamics of a long-term relationship with family business owners and their families. It’s extremely gratifying helping them ensure that their financial status is prosperous. Moreover, beyond the financial I enjoy my interaction with the owners, management, and […]

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How to Avoid Conflicting Business Goal Disputes

Clearly defined, shared common ground goal setting and implementation is crucial to avoid business goal disputes, and for the business to grow and prosper. Shared goals and responsibilities amongst owners and family members create healthy harmony and increases successful outcomes for all involved. For my own family business and for my business owner clients, I […]

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How Pure Is Your Financial Advisor?

 How aware are you that all financial advisors are not the same? Some are 100% pure, and some are loaded with financially unhealthy, hidden additives. Their labels can be confusing with a lot of small print and misleading gibberish. How do you uncover the difference between the pure and the adulterated advisor? Here are some […]

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Three Cardinal Rules for Maximizing Retirement Savings

 Here are three cardinal rules for deciding whether to contribute to a tax-deferred retirement plan or to save in a taxable invest­ment account for retirement. Rule One: Never contribute after-tax dollars to an employer-sponsored group tax deferred retirement plan, regular IRA, or insurance company sponsored annuity. Rule Two: If eligible, always contribute the maximum allowable […]

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How to Control the Outcome of Your Business Departure

 The quiet millionaire® business owner maintains control of their departure outcome by having an exit strategy as part of the company’s business plan. Business owners do not plan to fail, but they often do because they fail to plan. One of the most malicious of obstacles to achieving a successful exit is the taxation of […]

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How to Decide Whether to Hire a Financial Advisor or Do It Yourself

When you look at what is required to achieve wealth building success, you have another important decision to make, whether to do everything diligently on your own or work with the help of an objective and competent professional advisor. Either way, there are all sorts of resources available to you, many of which seem reliable […]

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Why Annuities Benefit The Salesperson More Than You!

Annuities are popular with financial salespeople because they pay out large commissions, which drive up the costs you incur. For these reasons, although there may be special circumstances that are appropriate for buying an individual annuity, most times they do not merit being used as a savings vehicle for retirement or any other purpose. The […]

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The Quiet Millionaire by Brett Wilder

Why did you start your business?

  There are a lot of different reasons why business owners start companies. I founded Financial Management Group (, more than twenty-five years ago because I was an entrepreneur trapped in the large corporate world of banking. My career success depended more upon how well I out-politicked and out-maneuvered my peers, not upon how well […]

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