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Ten Ways That Make Your Business More Valuable Than Your Peer’s

The value of your company is partially determined by your industry. For example, these days cloud-based software companies are considered more valuable printing companies. However, when analyzing businesses in the same industry, there are major variations in valuation. The following are 10 ways that make your business more valuable than peer’s. 1. Recurring Revenues: The more revenues […]

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Delegating and Empowering Key Employees Can Be Risky

“Don’t hang on too long and don’t let go too soon.” Boomer entrepreneurs often struggle with relinquishing control, and delegating and empowering others. When building a strong and motivated business team, the benefits of delegating and empowering key employees usually outweigh the risks. However, there can be risks to letting go too prematurely, which when they […]

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Why Are So Many Financial Firms Morally Suspect?

How Pure is Your Financial Advisor? The Question: Why are so many financial firms morally suspect? The Answer: Because their cultures are self-serving, arrogant, and greedy. A creed is “a guiding principle”. All too often the creed of the financial services industry is greed, which leads to grief for many people. While the words “fiduciary […]

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What’s So Special About the Founding Business Owner?

Being the owner of a business encompasses certain rights, responsibilities, and risks, which extend beyond those of the non-owner “management ” of the business. This is particularly the case for a founding business owner who invested and risked personal capital for the firm to survive, operate, and grow. In exchange for risking capital, the entrepreneurial […]

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Business Growth-product mix

Three Ways to Maximize Business Growth

In order to maximize business growth, it’s beneficial to review and analyze what mix of your products and/or services offers the most growth potential with the least amount of risk associated with investing capital in them. It may be warranted to change the mix in order to increase growth and profits. Perhaps certain products and/or […]

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How to Measure Customer/Client Satisfaction

As a baby boomer entrepreneur, do you periodically measure your customer/client satisfaction? If so, do you have specific answers to questions such as these: What percentage of your customers/clients are very satisfied with the products/services your business provides? How often, if at all, do your existing customers/clients refer your business to their family, friends, and […]

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Scalable Business

How Business Scalability Builds Value and Sellability

Scalability of your business means that your can grow your customers and increase revenues without incrementally increasing your business costs. The result is increased profits, higher business value, and more attractive sellability. Scalability, in the context of selling a business, refers to a company’s ability to add significant revenues and not be constrained by it’s […]

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How to Assess Your Current Business Value and Sellability

The Quiet Millionaire® Wealth Builder System™ utilizes a step-by-step process to help baby boomer entrepreneurs increase the value of their business and enhance sellability attractiveness. The initial first step is to assess the current status of their business by completing a brief questionnaire for preparing a comprehensive Value Builder Score report. The report scores the […]

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8 Attributes That Measure Business Value

Baby boomer entrepreneurs typically have most of their wealth tied up in their business. Increasing the value of this largest asset can have the biggest financial impact for the business owner. A statistical research analysis of 6,955 businesses has pinpointed eight attributes how a business can increase in value by as much as 71% and, […]

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