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How Age Influences Boomer Entrepreneur Decision-Making

I’m now in the process of writing a second Quiet Millionaire® book. My first Quiet Millionaire® book was written as a comprehensive personal finance guide covering a wide range of financial issues and concerns typically encountered by a broad readership. This second book is being written specifically to benefit the baby boomer entrepreneur. In particular, […]

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How to Not Let Discontentment Derail Selling Your Business

Discontentment expressed through the emotions of anger, frustration, and bitterness, either from within yourself or by others, usually manifests from unmet expectations. No one is immune to experiencing these emotions, whether justified or not. An entrepreneur, especially the owner of a family business will experience these emotions at various times as a fact of doing […]

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How to Make Your Business More Valuable in Twelve Months

The New Year will be here very shortly and now is a good time to start planning in advance how to build the value of your business during 2015. Most baby boomer entrepreneurs will will set business goals that focus on achieving certain revenue and profit goals. However, if you want to make your business […]

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How to Know The Value Drivers and Salability of Your Business

The ultimate value and salability for your business will be determined by the answer to: “What would an interested, qualified buyer be willing to pay for your company?” Whether you want to sell your business now, next year, a decade from now, or intend to pass the business on to your next family generation, you […]

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How To Sell Your Business For A Huge Discount And Live Unhappily Ever After!

Most entrepreneurs fail to plan how and know when is best to pass their business on to others. The result is that they often face being taken advantage of by potential successors and buyers, including, and sometimes most especially, by their own family members. The justifiable financial reward business owners seek for their long, hard […]

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Which Is Better? Selling Your Business To An Internal Or External Buyer?

One of the most critical decisions for a business owner is whether  to sell their business to an internal or external buyer. Either way can be a good or bad decision depending upon how you’ve planned in advance to meet your business and personal goals and objectives. Either way can make or break you financially […]

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Why Advisory Boards Are Essential For Protecting Seller Financing

When business owners offer seller financing to internal buyer successors, there are many risks involved for getting full payment of the financing provided. Therefore, one of the essentials that should be a mandatory requirement as part of seller financing is the establishment of an advisory board to oversee and protect the seller’s “investment”. Just as  bank […]

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How To Manifest Financial Success From Business Blunders

Making blunders in business can be painful emotionally and financially. I know this by first-hand experience, and in my book, The Quiet Millionaire, I explain how learning from making mistakes can make business success all the more sweeter.  As a business owner, I’ve had to reach down deep inside, fight with everything I had, and […]

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My "Thunder" Years As An Entrepreneur

My “Thunder” Years As An Entrepreneur

The third stage of the four transitional business stages, which I describe in my book, The Quiet Millionaire, is the Thunder stage, when higher levels of growth occur. This requires the business owner to focus more on higher level decision-making and intelligently leveraging and leading a growing number of managers and employees. In other words, […]

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My "Blunder" Years As An Entrepreneur

My “Blunder” Years As An Entrepreneur

As I describe in my book, The Quiet Millionaire. there are four transitional stages that a family business owner experiences from starting and growing, to exiting a business – Wunder, Blunder, Thunder, Plunder. The Wunder stage is the initial survival stage.Most new businesses don’t survive the Wunder stage, and my book explains why. Fortunately, I […]

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